A truly Unique Coffee Destination


Looking Glass Cafe is a coffee house that is truly unique.    

We like to say that the Looking Glass Cafe is part of a "farmily of venues," because we are not only owned by a family of farms called EastWest Organics, but also because our farms and business venues work together like a synergistic "hub and spoke". 

Our farms grow the products we use to make many of our beverages, and our venues (which include the Honeysuckle Meadery and Wine Bar, and the Honeysuckle Tea House) serve as the spokes to bring all that farm goodness to the public.   To learn more about our farms, click here

Another part of our farmily is our nonprofit partner, Unique Places to Save ("UP2Save").  UP2Save owns 20% of EastWest Organics, which means that 20% of all profits go to support their nonprofit mission!

So come enjoy all the makes us unique!  Here at the Looking Glass Cafe, we have Free parking.  Free wifi, and tons of community events, including game nights, live music, big screen movies and sporting events; all just two blocks from the Carrboro Farmer's Market.