We have a wide variety of unique spaces and places that you can reserve for private events, both at the Honeysuckle Tea House and Farm, and at our other EastWest Organics venues, all of which are listed below.

You can reserve picnic tables outside the Looking Glass Cafe for birthday parties and small events.   This area mirrors many of the herbs and fruits we grow at our Honeysuckle Farm, so we refer to this outdoor space lovingly as the Honeysuckle Urban Herb Garden. 

*You will be taken to our parent company website, EastWest-Organics, for all reservations.

You can also reserve an indoor space in our Looking Glass Tasting Room.

Or if you are looking to host a larger event, consider reserving space at one of our farms:  Honeysuckle Farm and Tea House, and the Keith Arboretum, Forest and Farmstead.